poems in place…





A project produced by Western Isles poet Pàdruig MacIlleChiar (Peter Kerr).

Each poem in the series appears as a QR-Code on a plaque in the place that inspired it.

Scanning the code with a smartphone reveals the poem, plus a link to Padruig’s website.

It is not necessary to have a mobile signal to enjoy the poems so long as your digital device has a QR-Code scanner app, such as QR Droid, installed.

The plaques discretely incorporate the poems in place logo and are designed to have minimal intrusion into the landscape, being installed on pre-existing posts in accessible roadside locations.

The current project covers a variety of places within the Lochportain & Cheesebay area of North Uist.

Each place has been chosen to reflect the poet’s interest in the archaeology, ecology, history and culture of the Western Isles.

The OS Grid Reference for each plaque will be listed on the poet’s website.

Please enjoy these poems safely.

All the best,



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