Sollas Bookbinding

Something different: I’ve a made a couple of these, too, thanks to Corinna’s excellent teaching skills and recommend having a go yourself if there’s an opportunity in your neighbourhood.

waypoints - exhibition on The Isle of Eigg & touring workshops

When I visited North Uist I was lucky enough to be taught how to make a Coptic hardback book at Sollas Bookbinding by Corinna Krause. In the past I’ve made books as part of journeys and journeys as part of books. They suit each other, when you read a book, it takes you miles that someone else has travelled, imaginary or real, it doesn’t matter. Books help you travel places, and sometimes its fun to help books travel places, or conceive them along the way.

A couple of years ago Joanna Hope Bricher & I did a big tour of the UK and made A Wandering using a little Adana letterpress machine with people that we met. The book was made by the people & places we visited, it used a poetry that was one voice spoken by many. I hope that from this project I can make something along…

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