“…almost bewildered in the view…”

This is an ongoing selection of my writing, composed in Berneray in the Sound of Harris and in the neighbouring island of North Uist.

The quote is from the Rev. John MacLeod, describing his impression of the Sound of Harris two hundred and twenty years ago.

Nothing has changed…

You glint and sparkle mischievously,
Lying at peace beneath the Summer Sun.
I gaze at your beauty,
Foolishly counting the myriad distant dreams
That lie scattered all around.

You slowly stir,
Rippling a surface that conceals
Secret places from my sight.
I turn towards the Sun,
Encompassing all points
Within my view.

You rise with graceful strength
To reach out to my shore.
I smile awhile,
Then turn my back on you,
Sweet siren:
Sound of Harris.


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